Have your ever tried to turn your lawn into a beautiful oasis with trees, flowers, and shrubs, only to find it wilting away within a month? Many people are not sure what types of plants grow well in the Park City environment. Most are also unsure of what type of soil and weed control should be used. Hiring a landscape designer can take all the stress out of landscape design and allow your landscapes to flourish.

Unique Designs

Landscape designers create one-of-a-kind designs that fit your property. Designs you never thought possible can be brought to life by a licensed landscape designer. Park City Landscaping takes pride in creating beautiful landscapes for both residential and commercial properties.

Proper Knowledge of Landscapes

Knowing what plants and trees prosper in the Park City area is only half the battle, but it is extremely important. Landscapes that aren’t meant for the area will grow and suddenly die without warning. Therefore, hiring a landscaping company is very important. They can create head-turning landscapes that will continue to grow and thrive throughout the seasons.

Soil Preparation

Improper soil type is a primary reason that landscape attempts fail. Without the proper soil, your landscapes will not grow. Certain soils will kill your plants, while others will nurture your plants, making them an integral part of your beautiful landscape.

Sprinkler Design and Installation

Having the proper drainage and water is crucial to a landscape’s success. A landscape designer will survey your property and create a drainage and sprinkler design to fit the needs of your landscapes. They will even set your sprinklers to provide the exact amount of water needed for your landscapes to flourish.

Maintenance Free Landscaping 

Landscape designers understand you have a busy schedule! They will work to provide you with limited or maintenance free landscaping. Your landscaper can handle all aspects of your landscapes and lawn. They will provide clean up, weed maintenance, and pruning.

It’s time to up your landscape game. Call a certified landscaping company such as Park City Landscaping this month and begin the process of having and enjoyable, serene, unique landscape. A landscape designer will turn your boring lawn into anything you want, from a colorful blend of plants and flowers to a simple and sophisticated array of trees and perennials.