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snowremoval2Park City Landscaping is dedicated to both cultivating and maintaining landscapes. We are not just a fair-weather company, either! No matter the time of year, we will be at your Park City home or business to handle any and all of your landscaping needs. Our premier snow removal service is aimed to remove heavy snow accumulation from your landscape without damaging any of its lovely features.

Utah winters can be tough. The rain, wind, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on a beautifully manicured landscape. It can even ruin some of its defining features if not handled properly. Protect your Park City property by giving us a call when your landscape is under a heap of snow. We will be there in a jiffy to rescue your landscape suffering under the weight of the snow!

Park City Landscaping has over 15 years of experience with landscaping maintenance. Before harsh weather even hits, give us a call and we can come to your home and be sure that your sprinkler system is properly winterized. We can also help prepare your softscape for bad weather and make sure that it is well-protected against the incoming weather. Rain, sleet, snow, or hail- we can ensure that your residential or commercial property is properly protected.

Winterizing and protecting landscapes in the winter is a process that is easily forgotten. Park City Landscaping can help by scheduling routine maintenance in with your regular lawn care. If that is not a good choice for you, don’t worry. We can also come to your Park City home or business and perform snow removal at any time. Call us today for an estimate of both winterization and snow removal procedures!

1 Time Snow Removal

We know that Park City winters aren’t always epic powder years and you can handle your snow shoveling a lot of the times. However when the huge storms roll in and drop one to two feet of heavy snow you might need some help. Call our expert team of snow plowers to get the job done for you. Park City Landscaping can email you every time we get large storms to see if you would like us to come out.


For all your snow plowing needs, call Park City Landscaping today! 435-538-2476

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We believe the best customer service is key to a successful business. We attain this with every client by answering any questions you may have, being polite and courteous, and providing you with an estimate on our landscaping services. If you would like an estimate, give us a call today and our lead estimator can be at your property next day.