Landscaping Park City – Snow Removal – Snow Plowing

Park City Landscaping is dedicated to both cultivating and maintaining landscapes. We are not just a fair-weather company, either! No matter the time of year, we will be at your Park City home or business to handle any and all of your landscaping needs. Our premier snow removal service is aimed to remove heavy snow accumulation from your landscape without damaging any of its lovely features.

Utah winters can be tough. The rain, wind, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on a beautifully manicured landscape. It can even ruin some of its defining features if not handled properly. Protect your Park City property by giving us a call when your landscape is under a heap of snow. We will be there in a jiffy to rescue your landscape suffering under the weight of the snow!

Park City Landscaping has over 15 years of experience with landscaping maintenance. Before harsh weather even hits, give us a call and we can come to your home and be sure that your sprinkler system is properly winterized. We can also help prepare your softscape for bad weather and make sure that it is well-protected against the incoming weather. Rain, sleet, snow, or hail- we can ensure that your residential or commercial property is properly protected.

Letting snow pile up on the top of your home or business can cause your roof or chimney to leak, collapse or even worse. This can create several severe issues within your home or office buildings. Roof ice dams also pose a hazard, they can fall, injuring people, pets or property. Park City Landscaping offers ice dam removal and roof snow shoveling, our staff has the access, knowledge and equipment to safely climb and work across your roof.  Let us clear your roof of snow and ice while you stay warm inside your home or business!

Winterizing and protecting landscapes in the winter is a process that is easily forgotten. Park City Landscaping can help by scheduling routine maintenance in with your regular lawn care. If that is not a good choice for you, don’t worry. We can also come to your Park City home or business and perform snow removal at any time. Call us today for an estimate of both winterization and snow removal procedures!

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Why Choose Park City Landscaping As Your Snow Removal Company?

When selecting a Park City Snow Removal company to take care of your property, you are putting your family’s safety in the hands of others. Make sure you pick a company who has your safety as their first priority. Park City Landscaping believes that we are the first choice for Park City snow removal, because we think about our clients first and foremost.

First off, we never overbook our routes. This means that our drivers are always alert and never overworked. Our 5 hour turnaround time means that even during the bad storms, your property will be taken care of. If you ever need to get a hold of us, we are always available and always answer our phone. We even have developed a software that allows us to track specifically when a property was plowed, and we provide you with a weekly report. This attention to detail and expert logistical approach means that, while we are not the cheapest bid you’ll receive, you know you will be able to count on us, just like many of the top property management companies in Park City currently do.

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One Time Snow Removal

We know that Park City winters aren’t always epic powder years and you can handle your snow shoveling a lot of the times. However when the huge storms roll in and drop one to two feet of heavy snow you might need some help. Call our expert team of snow plowers to get the job done for you. Park City Landscaping can email you every time we get large storms to see if you would like us to come out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snow removal rates differ greatly based on many factors. Size of property, direction the HOA or property faces, and what level of service the HOA or property owner would like are just a few of those answers. Always make sure that the company you hire has good and newer trucks and equipment.
This varies depending on how the property manager has set up their agreement. Park City Landscaping handles several nightly rentals.
If you are looking for a 1 time removal service we can handle it for you. We have a 1 hour minimum and charge $125/hr.