Spring has sprung! What should I do with my lawn and landscapes? Park City has harsh winters that affect your landscapes in numerous ways. Below, Park City Landscaping will explain in detail some important maintenance and cleanup tips to restart your spring landscapes and lawn off right.

  • Contact Your Local Landscaping Company 

Spring is here, but your lawn and landscapes are still at some risk for rains and occasional snow. By contacting your local landscaping company, you will learn what your lawn and landscapes require. Hiring a landscaper takes the stress out of creating the perfect lawn and landscape.

  • Spring Cleanup

Winter is unforgiving in Park City. Even though you prepared your landscapes for winter, they are still affected. It is important for your landscaping company to clean up your lawn and landscapes. The winter melt leaves a mess, including a variety of debris and possible flooded areas. Your landscapes must have sunlight to prosper. It is important that all flower beds, landscapes, and lawns are cleaned properly.

  • Weed Prevention 

Weed prevention begins early. It is important to stop weeds before they start. Your landscaper knows what weeds grow in Park City and will be able to treat those weeds without harming your landscapes and lawn. Regular weed killers are known to kill your grass, flowers, and even shrubs.

  • Aerate

Aerating your lawn has many great benefits. Aerating not only allows oxygen and sunlight to reach the grass roots, it also creates a luscious green lawn for your family to enjoy. Aerating should always be completed by a certified landscaping company, as it can damage your lawn if not handled properly.

  • Soil Preparation

Preparing your soil after winter is crucial. A successful landscape requires the well-maintained soil. Landscapers will identify what soil type and care is best for your plants and will ensure your landscapes look great all spring and summer long.

Above are just a few tips to provide you with a prosperous and beautiful landscape during the gardening season. For more information, contact your local landscaping company. They will provide you with valuable knowledge that will keep your lawn and landscapes looking magnificent.