Most people do not think about pruning their trees. They may prune their hedges and keep their lawns mowed and looking nice. However, proper tree maintenance is important to your trees’ health and longevity. Park City Landscaping is a certified landscaping company and we are here to explain the reasons for proper tree pruning. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider tree pruning and its importance.

  • Tree Pruning Removes Diseased or Storm-Damaged Branches

Diseased trees pose a serious hazard. Limbs can fall unexpectedly and harm a person, vehicle, or even a home. If you have or think you have a diseased tree, it is important to call a professional to have it checked. Storm damages can also harm your tree and cause the limbs to become unstable. It is important to have regular maintenance performed on trees. If your trees are pruned correctly, it is less likely for diseases or storm damage to cause limbs to fall.

  • Promote a Healthy Tree with Crown Thinning – It Gives You Better Circulation and Growth

This is a simple process that is done by landscaping and tree professionals to promote new growth. Over time, your trees limbs become to numerous and will inadvertently smother your tree. By thinning the crown, you give the tree better circulation, which will promote better and stronger tree growth.

  • Height Reduction is Important in Many Situations

Over time, your tree will grow larger than you may want it. A larger tree, could cause safety problems as well. Trees can grow and will cause problems with electrical lines as well as home safety issues. It is easy to have your tree reduced to a safe height. Call a professional who is certified and insured for your peace of mind.

  • Lower Branches May Cause Obstructions

Lower tree limbs can grow out of control. This is one reason that tree pruning is important. Those lower limbs can scratch the top of your home, leaving damages to your roof. They may also scratch the top of your car. Lower branches can easily be removed by a professional. A simple tree pruning can save you money on damages that could be done.

  • Tree Design is an Important Part of a Landscape

When you look at a perfectly designed landscape, you don’t notice the intricate details that go into making it so beautiful. A small pruning job done on your trees and hedges can transform your entire landscape into something different. Tree pruning is also important for your trees health. Call a professional before pruning your trees yourself. It is very easy to damage your tree with improper pruning.