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Park City Landscaping knows a thing or two about fire prevention; luckily, we now provide fire prevention services. With the recent droughts and wildfires in the United States, it is no shock that most of us are worried about our Park City, UT homes, and businesses. What happens if a fire breaks out near your home or business? What do you do? Is there a way to slow down the flames or even stop them? Park City Landscaping now has the answers. We provide a spray that acts as a fire retardant for your property.

Fire Prevention Safety

If a wildfire is on its way towards your Park City, UT property, give Park City Landscaping a call. We will rush out to your property and apply a latex fire-retardant coating to the exterior portions of your property. Fire retardant sprays are the future of fire protection from raging wildfires. These sprays should only be applied by a licensed professional such as Park City Landscaping. We use masks and other equipment to safely and methodically spray your property to ensure every inch is covered. The fire-retardant spray is easily removed with warm water and a flush sprayer, making it even easier to use. It is vital to watch the news and other media outlets to determine where the wildfires are heading. If you are unsure of its location and path, contact us. We are here for all your questions regarding fire prevention.

Fire Prevention for Residential and Commercial Properties

Park City Landscaping is the only choice for fire prevention options in Park City and the surrounding areas. Our team is fully licensed and certified to use fire retardant sprays on your residential or commercial property. If you know a wildfire is approaching, never hesitate to call. Our team will arrive promptly and begin spraying your property with our fire-retardant sprays. It is crucial that you do everything you can to protect your property from a devastating fire. If you have questions about our fire prevention services or have a wildfire that is close to your home or business, contact us. Our team has all the answers to your questions and will explain our fire prevention process in detail.

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