Park City Roof Snow Removal, Ice Dam Removal & Roof Snow Shoveling

Roof Snow Removal
By the Experienced Pros

Roof Snow Removal By the Experienced Pros

Park City Landscaping is the first and only choice for roof snow and ice dam removal services for the Park City area. Park City winters are always brutal, and your roof takes the brunt of the winter elements. Heavy snow can cause many different problems for your home or business roof. Ice dams and the weight of the snow on your roof can cause roof leaks to occur. A leaking roof can cause extensive water damages. These damages can cause mold and structural problems. Luckily, Park City Landscaping has you and your roof covered. We provide complete roof snow removal services.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams can cause substantial damages to your roof. The number one problem from ice dams is roof leaks and water damages. Ice dams occur when the ice melts but freezes again. As this happens, it causes a huge ice dam to form. As the ice dam grows, the water has nowhere to escape, so it enters your home through your roof. This causes roof leaks and water to leak into your walls. Ice dams are heavy and dangerous to remove. If you have an ice dam on your roof, you must call a professional. Park City Landscaping is licensed and insured to remove ice dams from your home or business roof safely.

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Roof Snow Shoveling

Snow can be extremely weighty. After an abundant snowfall, it is crucial to ensure your roof is safe from the weight of the snow. The pressure from the snow can cause damages to the structure of your roof. This can cause roof leaks and other significant damages. Park City Landscaping offers roof snow removal services for all of Park City. Our team is certified and licensed for snow roof shoveling and removal. If your roof is covered in snow, give us a call. Roof snow shoveling should be completed by licensed professionals, as it can be dangerous. We are experts in ice dam and roof snow removal for both businesses and residential properties in and around Park City.

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Park City Landscaping offers the most reliable, detail oriented snow removal service in the Park City area. Our crews ensure that your property stays clean all winter long. Our spots fill up quick, so make sure to call today!

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