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For over 15 years, Park City Landscaping has been providing the finest softscapes in the Park City area. No job is too large or small for our expert landscapers- we service both residential and commercial properties. We will help you choose the best landscaping options for both your size yard and size budget. Trust us to make the most out of your landscaping project- call us today!

Softscapes are identified as landscaping of living or organic materials. Softscapes can include turf, plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, bulbs, and any other living material. Because we at Park City know the Park City area and the business of landscaping, we are able to help you select the best options for your landscape. We know which plants and trees are best in full sun, bloom in the winter, and require little upkeep. We are dedicated to helping you make the best decision and will work with you every step of the way.

The most important (and most fun) part of creating a softscape is choosing the right elements. We spend a lot of time analyzing the property and space to choose the right plants and trees that will enhance the overall look. We then talk to you- about style, color, upkeep, flowering times, etc.- so that you can make the final decision about what goes into the finished product. Best of all, we work hard to stay within your budget and immediately notify you of any changes from the initial estimate before moving on!

Deciding to embellish your Park City home or business with a lovely softscape can be a little overwhelming. That’s why Park City Landscaping is dedicated to breaking down the process and communicating with you during each part. We are the number one landscaping service in Park City for two reasons- excellent landscaping and superior customer service. Give us a call to set up a consultation today!

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We believe the best customer service is key to a successful business. We attain this with every client by answering any questions you may have, being polite and courteous, and providing you with an estimate on our landscaping services. If you would like an estimate, give us a call today and our lead estimator can be at your property next day.

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