If you have ever had your lawn aerated, then you have probably been asked this question. Aeration may look unpleasant for a small amount of time, but the benefits are worth the temporary inconvenience. Park City Landscaping is certified and knows the ins and outs of proper aeration techniques. Most people we talk to have questions about aeration. What is it? How does it help? Below we will answer these questions and provide you with adequate information to leave you informed.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a process that will leave your lawn beautiful and lush. The process involves perforating your lawns soil with tiny holes. These holes allow water, air, and other nutrients to penetrate the roots. This allows the root to grow deeper and provide a dynamic and robust lawn. The only drawback is the look of your lawn after aeration. However, this is temporary and will leave your lawn looking great!

Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Your lawn should be aerated if it gets a lot of traffic, is newly constructed, dries out quickly, or has a drainage problem. Most common lawn problems can be handled with aeration. If you are unsure about aeration, contact your local landscaping company. They will survey your lawn and provide you with information on how to achieve and preserve a beautiful lawn. Early season steps such as this can be a very effective part of overall lawn maintenance for many types of yards.

I Don’t Want My Lawn to Look Like it is Covered in Dog Poop. 

Your lawn will only look awkward for a week or so.  After this time, you will notice beautiful green grass growing at a rapid rate. The week or so will seem very insignificant after you see the way your grass looks and feels after aeration. Your lawn will look better than it ever has before. Trust your licensed landscape company to provide you with the best-looking lawn in Park City.

If you are still unsure about aeration, contact Park City Landscaping. We will gladly survey your property and provide you with more details. A healthy lawn is important and we can achieve that goal with simple steps, such as aeration.