Proper weed control can save you a lot of precious hours when it comes to your lawn or garden. Park City Landscaping is here to give you some tips and tricks on what works and what doesn’t. There is a lot of information out there, but what really works? Our landscaping company is here to give you some information on what will keep your weeds under control and your lawn and garden looking great.

  • Weed Seeds Can Stay Asleep in Soil

This saying is true, until you decide to dig up or till an area. Once this happens, the weeds are able to get sunlight and germinate. It is best, to use compost, top soil, or even shredded leaves.

  • Smothering Weed Seeds 

This is another form of weed prevention. By smothering the seeds with mulches that are synthetic or organic, you are blocking the sunlight form getting to the weed seeds. There are many different mulches available for this. From basic mulch to paper, many things can be used.

  • Know your Weeds

There are many different types of weeds. Different weeds require different types of chemicals to kill them. It is important to understand what type of weeds you have, before trying to use chemicals on them. Spraying different chemicals can have an effect on your lawn, garden, people, and pets. Contact a professional if you are unsure of the types of weeds you have.

  • Use Chemicals

If you already have a lot of weeds, using a chemical may be your only hope. If you decide to use chemicals, calling a professional landscaping company is a wise decision. We use specialized chemicals to destroy weeds, but keep your lawn and garden healthy.

  • Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance that is done by professionals considers weed control part of its basic service. Park City Landscaping offers seasonal lawn and garden maintenance that focuses on weed prevention. For more information on this type of service, contact a landscaping professional.

Above are just some tips and tricks to helping you stay sane during weed months. A professional can easily remove weeds and keep your home weed free all year long. If you are a do it yourself type of person, follow our tips and you should be able to keep your lawn and garden weed free.