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Salt Vs. Chemicals for Ice Melt

Park City Landscaping specializes in ice melt options for your home and business. Salt has been the go-to for ice melt for decades, but did you know that it has adverse effects on people and the environment? Salt for ice melt has many dangers that may affect you personally. Luckily, Park City Landscaping provides a [...]

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Advantages of Hiring a Landscape Designer

Have your ever tried to turn your lawn into a beautiful oasis with trees, flowers, and shrubs, only to find it wilting away within a month? Many people are not sure what types of plants grow well in the Park City environment. Most are also unsure of what type of soil and weed control should [...]

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Preparing Your Park City Landscape for Spring

Spring has sprung! What should I do with my lawn and landscapes? Park City has harsh winters that affect your landscapes in numerous ways. Below, Park City Landscaping will explain in detail some important maintenance and cleanup tips to restart your spring landscapes and lawn off right. Contact Your Local Landscaping Company  Spring is here, [...]

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Proper Weed Control Tips and Tricks

Proper weed control can save you a lot of precious hours when it comes to your lawn or garden. Park City Landscaping is here to give you some tips and tricks on what works and what doesn’t. There is a lot of information out there, but what really works? Our landscaping company is here to give [...]

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Why is Pruning So Important? – Reasons for Proper Tree Pruning

Most people do not think about pruning their trees. They may prune their hedges and keep their lawns mowed and looking nice. However, proper tree maintenance is important to your trees' health and longevity. Park City Landscaping is a certified landscaping company and we are here to explain the reasons for proper tree pruning. Below [...]

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